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About Us

Stella's Pizza Pie has been catering since 2014.  We started in LA, but quickly relocated to San Diego and family.  We are now located in beautiful Alpine, the base from which we travel all over San Diego County.  We do only one event a day, so all of our attention is focused on you and on making your celebration absolutely perfect. 



Stella's Pizza Pie Founder, Chef and Pizzaiolo Vito Romani, grew up eating the greatest food on the planet.  From a long line of San Diego Sicilians whose life's purpose was to cook incredible Italian dishes for their loved ones, nothing but fresh and homemade would do.  In creating Stella's, Vito offers you the experience of his youth.  

From his grandmother's meatballs to his mother's succulent scaloppini, Vito took his old family recipes out of Little Italy and now brings them to you.  The sauce simmers for hours, the pesto is fresh and fragrant and the scampi sizzles in the wood-fired oven.  Let Vito cook for you and your guests a truly memorable feast. 

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